High-level coaching

SaarRowingCenter (SRC), run by Theo van den Broek, is a professional rowing and sculling school for
master and veteran rowers with courses and training programmes in Germany, the Netherlands and
Spain. SaarRowingCenter (SRC) offers specific race preparation programmes as well as courses aimed
at improving or refining the individual rower’s technique. During courses, there are two coached
training sessions daily; after the session, your coach will analyse your rowing with you using video
footage of the outing. Training and coaching at SRC are provided by a team of around 15 experienced
and qualified coaches. We have our own boats as well as a boat trailer. SRC offers summer courses
and outings in Germany, in Dreisbach on the river Saar and in Berlin. In autumn and winter, we run
courses in Seville (Spain), Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Duisburg-Wedau (Germany). Upon
request, we can provide one- or multi-day clinics in single sculls or crew boats. We are also happy to
coach crews at their own club or elsewhere. Please get in touch if you would like to receive coaching
for your crew.

In order to optimise your rowing technique, it is important that you are rowing in a boat that is
properly adjusted, with a skilled coach to help you. Training water that is suitable for rowing also
makes a big difference. SaarRowingCenter makes sure that our students will be rowing in a boat that
is well adjusted to the individual rower. Our locations have been picked, among other things, for the
sheltered water they provide for our courses.

SaarRowingCenter organises coached rowing sessions on various locations. In summer, we run
courses in single sculls, (1x), doubles (2x) and personal coaching in Dreisbach an der Saar (Germany,
near Trier) and Berlin. In autumn and winter, we welcome participants in a winter training
programme (5-6 weekends) in Amsterdam (Amstel river/Weespertrekvaart canal) and on the
Regattabahn Duisburg-Wedau in Germany. For coached autumn or winter outings in the sun, we
invite you to join our training week in Seville, southern Spain. We also provide one- or multi-day
clinics for single sculls or crew boats upon request, in Germany or the Netherlands. For crews in
larger boats, we are happy to provide coaching at their own club or elsewhere. Please get in touch if
you would like to receive coaching for your crew.

Finally, we offer coaching courses at various levels, as well as support for rowing clubs in the form of
workshops on subjects such as coaching, video-analysis, train-the- trainer and boat rigging and
adjusting. For these courses and workshops, we work closely with the Dutch coaching consortium
Stichting Roeicoach.

About SaarRowingCenter

Until 2014, Carla Beekman provided sculling courses in Dreisbach an der Saar with her company,
Roeiplezier. In 2014, Theo van den Broek took over under the name SaarRowingCenter, and gradually
added more courses and locations. SaarRowingCenter has since developed into an international
sculling and rowing school, running courses throughout the year on various locations: Dreisbach an
der Saar (Germany), Berlin (Germany), Seville (Spain), Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Duisburg-
Wedau (Germany). SaarRowingCenter is mainly aimed at master and veteran rowers and offers
courses, 1:1 coaching and master classes to improve or refine the rower?s technique and targeted
race preparation (for instance working on how to get the boat up to speed and how to go faster
efficiently). Most of our rowers are from the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, the United
Kingdom and Scandinavia.

SaarRowingCenter has its own fleet of rowing boats, as well as a boat trailer. Our locations have been
picked for the sheltered water where we run our courses, in combination with their attractive
surroundings. SaarRowingCenter works with a coaching team of around 15 experienced and qualified

Privacy Policy

Center is an international rowing school. SaarRowingCenter offers courses and training sessions at various locations in Europe, with the aim of improving the participant’s rowing or sculling technique. For communication purposes, we hold personal data from our participants. We handle all personal data with great care. In our Privacy Policy, we distinguish three forms of data:

A: Personal data of participants in any activity organised by SaarRowingCenter;
B: Video recordings and photos of participants in an activity;
C: Address list used to provide information.

A: Personal data of participants in an activity, such as a course or training session;

SaarRowingCenter requires the following data from participants for organisational purposes, coaching and supervision, and to arrange accommodation.

Personal data for organisational purposes
SaarRowingCenter may ask participants in any activity to provide:
– Name, address, town and country of residence;
– Mobile telephone number;
– Email address;
– Telephone number to contact in case of emergency (“ICE number”);
– Name of participant’s rowing club;
– Dietary wishes (if meals are included);
– Roommate (if accommodation is included);
– Age;
– Sex;
– Physical characteristics: height, weight, shoe size;
– Rowing/sculling experience in a crew boat (in years);
– Sculling experience in a single scull (in years);
– Ability to row in a straight line in a single scull, with frequent looking over the shoulder;
– Ability to swim 150 metres wearing rowing kit;
– Bank details;
– Course evaluation.

SaarRowingCenter will store the personal data up to a maximum of ten (10) years after participation in any activity from SaarRowingCenter.

Personal data for coaching and supervision
Each activity is supervised by a rowing coach/supervisor, working independently within the concept and following the strict guidelines of SaarRowingCenter. The rowing coach/supervisor for a particular activity of SaarRowingCenter will have access to the previously listed personal data (excluding the bank details) of the participants in this activity. With every coach and supervisor, an agreement has been concluded stipulating the following:
– The coach/supervisor will only use participants’ personal data to the extent necessary for coaching/supervision of the activity;
– Once the activity has ended, the coach/supervisor will not be allowed to store the data. The coach/supervisor must destroy the personal data within 30 days after the end of the activity.

Personal data provided to the hotel
In cases where accommodation is included in the activity, SaarRowingCenter will provide the following personal details to the hotel:
– First and last name of the participant
– Name of the roommate (if applicable)
– Dietary wishes (if applicable)

The use and processing of these data by the hotel will be governed by the hotel’s privacy policy.

B: Videos and photos taken during courses or training sessions

During activities, with their consent, videos may be recorded of the participants. These videos will be discussed and analysed with the participants during the activity. Following the activity, participants will be able to take their videos with them on a USB stick, or can ask for their videos to be sent to them.

During activities, photos may be taken. These photos will only be sent to participants in that specific activity after oral consent has been given by all participants. Photos will be sent in digital format and for personal use only.

SaarRowingCenter will store videos and photos up to a maximum of six (6) months after the end of the activity.

C: Address list used to provide information

SaarRowingCenter regularly informs participants and interested persons about new activities, via email or otherwise. For this purpose, SaarRowingCenter uses an address list with contact details such as the person’s name, address, telephone number, email address and previous participation in courses and training sessions organised by SaarRowingCenter. The list contains information obtained from participants in courses and training sessions, and from people who have requested information from SaarRowingCenter.

When providing their personal data, each participant or interested person indicates whether they give permission for their data to be included in SaarRowingCenter’s address list. Should the recipient not, or no longer, be interested in information about the activities organised by SaarRowingCenter, he or she can reply to the email they have received; the personal data will then be removed from the address list.


Contact and Bookings

Contact and Bookings

For questions, please send an e-mail to . If you prefer to talk to someone directly, feel free to call Theo van den Broek on +31-6 512 00 637. You can also request a registration form by e-mail.  Your registration is final...


The calendar  gives you all the courses of the SaarRowingCenter. For questions, please send an e-mail to . If you prefer to talk to someone directly, feel free to call Theo van den Broek on +31 6 512 00 637. You can also r...