The SaarRowingCenter offers courses and master classes aimed at the improvement and enhancement of your rowing technique through intensive rowing combined with intensive coaching. In order to effectively work on your rowing technique it’s important you receive good instruction on good rowing water in a boat that is well rigged. The majority of courses organised through The SaarRowingCenter are held in Dreisbach on the Saar.

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The pristine rowing water at Dreisbach on the Saar makes it an excellent place for people wishing to learn to row single scull. There are also courses available for more experienced single scull rowers wishing to work on his/her technique. Coaching for the experienced single scull rower is aimed at making the rowing stroke more effective. For those who prefer one on one coaching there are separate courses available. Team trainings are also available on the Saar. Come with your whole crew to Dreisbach to develop and refine your rowing technique under the guidance of an experienced coach.

New 2018: courses single scull with strength training

In addition to the regular sculling courses, in 2018 two sculling courses with functional strength training are added to the program in Dreisbach at the Saar for the experienced rower who wants to improve his body posture and dexterity. The rowing and strength training will be coached by Jan van Delden. Jan has been a professional rowing coach and strength and conditioning trainer for over 30 years.

Jan van Delden: “Rowing, core strength and stability: In rowing, core strength and stability play an important role in propelling a boat. In this course you will learn how to improve the core strength and stability. You will also be introduced to CrossFit like training. Training on the indoor rower can be boring, and therefore we choose for short and more intens workouts, in which we combine different exercises with rowing on the indoor rower (amongst others several squats, pulls and press, kettlebells and medicine balls).


New 2018: courses single and double scull in Berlin

Berlin with her 60 rowing clubs and much rowing water is the place to be for rowers who are also interested in city life. Rowing club ‘RG Wiking’ is our home, almost in  the centre of Berlin (Neuköln). We will row on the Treptowchanal, which has not many ships. The chanal is deepened and has therefore often quit water, nice for rowing . With the undergrond (U-Bahn / S-Bahn) you are in a few minutes  in Kreuzberg or at the Potzdammerplatz. The city centre of Berlin is very attractive, worthwhile visiting after your daily outings. Participants in the courses book their own stay. The lunch we will have togehther at RG Wiking. There are a few nice hotels in the neighbourhood (walking distance) of RG Wiking.

You can participate in one of the next courses in Berlin:
– 4 days course single scull for beginners
– 3 days course single / double scull for advanced and experienced rowers
– 4 days course single / double scull for advanced and experienced rowers


Rowing water Dreisbach

SaarRowingCenter organises courses in Dreisbach on the Saar (in the Trier region, Germany). In this specific part of the Saar there is almost no current and almost always perfectly still water (so no waves). This makes it a perfect place to learn single scull rowing or just to work on your technique. The SaarRowingCenter is located in beautiful natural surroundings, so it’s also the perfect place to go just to take a “time out” for a few days.

To get an idea about the wather you will be rowing on, please have a look at the video of the surroundings and the rowing wather.

Instruction and Coaching

During the courses and the master class you will be intensively coached. An important part of the program are the video recordings and the video analysis. Quite often the way we think we row is in fact not the way we actually do row. That’s what the video analysis is for, you actually see yourself row! Based on the video analysis, you receive a personalised trainings program that is developed for you to practice on the water. During these ‘practice trainings’ your coach keeps a good eye on your progression, altering and adapting the program where needed. Between the trainings a light lunch is served and in the evenings after dinner there is time for a walk, or you can just relax with a nice glass of wine.

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The rowing courses are led by enthusiastic instructors and coaches with many years of experience. Importantly, they have a good knowledge of the rowing technique and are able to effectively communicate this to the rower (or the team/crew). The majority of the instructors and coaches at The SaarRowingCenter have a (Dutch) KNRB RI or RC certificate (level 3 and 4).



To optimally work on your rowing technique it is of utmost importance that the boat is rigged well. Every participant in the course receives a boat that corresponds to their weight and which is adjusted to them personally (i.e shoe size, pitch, riggers etc). The boats used are ‘Club Racers’ from Wintech. These are very comfortable and stable boats, not only favourable for rowers beginning in the single scull, they help to develop a subtle stroke because you can ‘feel’ everything.

Foto 4 vlot met skiff aan de Saar

When you choose for personal coaching ( 2 times a day one hour rowing with a coach on your side), you can row in an Empacher single scull or a Filippi 2x.

Training in Amsterdam, Duisburg-Wedau and Sevilla

Alongside the courses organised by the SaarRowingCenter in Dreisbach, you can also row every year in Feb/March and in October in Sevilla (Spain). There is also a wintertraining every year for the single and double scull in Amsterdam (Nl) and in Duisburg-Wedau (G).