Single scull beginner

Keen to learn to row in a single scull?

If you are able to scull in a one-, two- or 4-person tub (in various countries also referred to as touring gigs, training sculls or C-boats: C1, C2, C4), you are welcome to join one of our beginner’s courses in a single scull. We have developed a specific programme for beginning single scullers. The programme consists of several days; with the help and support from your coach, you will start to feel more confident and improve your technique in a single scull.

The course will start on Day 1 with several short sessions of 15-20 minutes, with intensive personal instruction through 1-to-1 coaching. The coach may use specific exercises to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed in your boat. At SaarRowingCenter, beginning single scullers are taught how to balance the boat in a natural, relaxed manner. Thanks to the intensive coaching, most students get the hang of this within a day. In the following days, you will learn to stay relaxed while moving the boat forward. Just as importantly, you will learn how to manoeuvre your boat (backing down, turning the boat, landing the boat).

New in 2018: beginners’ course single sculling for CrossFitters. If you practise CrossFit, chances are that you regularly use the rowing machine or ergometer (“erg” for short). Are you wondering what “real” rowing would be like? Wondering how you could get even faster rowing times on the erg? Keen to try out a technical, highly active outdoor sport on the water? Why not join our 4-day beginners’ rowing course in single sculls (one-person rowing boats), from 25 to 28 August 2018, in Dreisbach an der Saar. As CrossFitters generally have a great fitness level, good core stability and well developed motor skills, you will most likely pick up enough skills to learn to row in just one day. We reckon you will be thrilled by the feeling of rowing in these narrow, challenging boats (without capsizing!).

The beginners’ course consists of 7 sessions over 4 consecutive days and is an excellent way to get the hang of the art of single sculling. In our experience, many participants continue to enjoy single sculling when they return to their own club.

Our beginners’ sculling course is held in Dreisbach on the river Saar and in Berlin. The water on both location is sheltered and there is little commercial traffic, making it very well suited for novice single sculling. If there are enough participants, we can also organise the beginners’ course in Seville, where you can find your feet as a single sculler in autumn or spring, usually with a friendly sun shining above.


Overview of the beginner’s course for single sculling on the various locations

  Dreisbach Berlin  Seville
Number of days 4 4 4 in 5 (1 free day)
Coaching 1 coach/3 rowers 1 coach/3 rowers 1 coach/3 rowers
Rowing and coaching sessions 7 sessions
approx. 1.15 hour each
7 sessions
approx. 1.15 hour each
8 sessions
approx. 1.15 hour each
Participation fee EUR 697.50 incl full board (double room) EUR 525.00 incl lunch EUR 790.00 incl lunch
Contact and Bookings

Contact and Bookings

For questions, please send an e-mail to . If you prefer to talk to someone directly, feel free to call Theo van den Broek on +31-6 512 00 637. You can also request a registration form by e-mail.  Your registration is final once ...


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